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Our trained engineers at Witherstone are qualified to do more than just plumbing. We’re specialists in heating and bathroom installations too.

• Radiators

• Power flushing

• Boiler replacement

• Under floor heating

• Thermostatic valves

Getting a chill this winter in Leeds? Your going to need a reliable heating system fitted by Witherstone.


There’s nothing worse than being left out in the cold during the winter months,  that's why our team of qualified professionals take your heating issues seriously. Our central heating team cover the whole of Leeds and the North Yorkshire area and we’re committed to bringing reliable and safe heating to your home. Whether it’s a radiator that won’t heat up, a new boiler or an entire heating system we’re here to help with your heating head aches! Call us now for a free no obligation quote.

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Just some of the heating services we cover...


• Full supply & installation of central heating systems

• Central heating pipe work & repair

• Boiler installation and repair

• Landlord gas safety checks

• Gas appliances

• Water heaters fitted

• Thermostats

• Radiator installation & flushing

• Under floor heating

• Unvented cylinders supply and installed


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            I used Dan, after a recommendation from a friend, to install my heating system for me, being a female living on my own , it was important to find someone trustworthy. Dan was polite, efficient , and at times patient with my lack of understanding of what was involved with the Install. I am so pleased with the job , and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone .

L Wall, Cheltenham



Power Flushing

Central heating slow to warm up?

Strange noises in the boiler?

Heating bills too high?


Sludge from rust and scale in your boiler and raditators cause flow problems and prevent your heating from working properly.


What are the indications that my heating system may need power flushing?


• Radiator water is dirty

• System is slow to heat up

• Radiators need frequent bleeding

• Boiler failure or lockout

• Banging and knocking from boiler and system

• Pump failure

• Pump noise

• Some radiators are partially or completely cold

• Blockages

• Pinhole leaks from radiators


What are the benefits of power flushing?


• Reduced fuel bill (up to 25%)

• Improved central heating efficiency

• Remover magnetite sludge

• Cleans the whole system, including under floor pipe work

• Increases pump life

• Quicker heat up times

• Reduces boiler noise

• Stops hydrogen gases building up witch then cause radiator  corrosion


Before fitting a new boiler power flush your entire system to ensure your new equipment is comprimised by years of accumulated debris.

Unvented Cylinders

Professional engineers fully trained and qualified in working with unvented cylinders carry out your installation quickly and efficiently.


Unvented Cylinders (or pressurised tanks) are not vented by an external body. The cylinders use a pressurised system to move the domestic hot water. Unvented cylinders therefore use the water mains pressure ensuring sufficient pressure of hot water even in higher floors and without the need for a header tank in the loft.


Benefits of Unvented Cylinders:


Higher hot water flow rates – unvented cylinders offer higher pressure for the shower, bath, kitchen etc.


Freeing up space in your loft – unvented cylinders removes the need for header/feeder tank


Flexible installation location – unvented cylinders can be installed anywhere in the house, for example in the garage (freeing up space in the airing cupboard)


Quieter mains pressure system – unvented cylinders do not require external feeder tanks, subsequently there is no noisy cistern in the loft


No frozen pipes in the loft – unvented cylinders mean there are no tanks or pipes exposed to potential freezing temperatures in the loft.


Unvented tanks are simple and quick to install


Unvented cylinders are engineered to have a long lifetime, which ensures great value for money